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Eastern Sales Associates
2296 Halyard Drive
Merrick, NY 11566
fax 516-557-2586
Email: EsaGifts@optonline.net
ESA Sales Team:

Elkan Sklan, Principal
37 years experience
Phone: 516-557-2584 Fax: 516-557-2586

Barbara Maurer, Principal Assistant:
Email: barbaramaurer@optonline.net
Phone: 516-557-2584 Fax: 516-557-2586

Jeffrey Falk 
21 years with ESA

Central New Jersey
Email: jafgifts@yahoo.com
Phone/Fax: 856-482-0277

Barbara Hardy
25 years with ESA

Southern New Jersey
Email: giftnut3@yahoo.com
Phone: 732-988-3955 Fax: 732-988-3008

Mark Fox
Northern New Jersey, Dutchess, Orange,
Putnam and Westchester Counties, NY
Email: foxymark@optonline.net
Phone: 914-672-7543  Fax: 914-479-1485

Norm Ostrie
17 years with ESA
Long Island
Email: Norm927@aol.com
Phone: 718-423-1041  Fax: 718-423-1044

Tina Laudig
Eastern Pennsylvania
Email: tinakl317@msn.com
Cell: 717-443-3427 Fax: 717-728-3158

Mike Mulligan
11 years with ESA
Eastern Upstate New York
Email: Mmulligan24@gmail.com
Phone/Fax: 518-371-3226

Keith Goldberg
3 years with ESA; 21 years experience
Brooklyn, Bronx, Suffolk County and NYC
Email: knotbrucesales@gmail.com
Phone: 908-770-2800 cell/929-208-0344 fax

Rich Kleinhart
6 years with ESA: 32  years experience
Email: MurphFinn@Comcast.net
Phone: 215-947-2545; fax 215-947-6540; cell 215-500-8740

Mark Peters
7 years with ESA: 17  years experience
New York City, Toy and Key Accounts
Email: MPetersPioneerSales@juno.com
Phone/fax: 718-862-2714; cell 718-772-2100

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